Our Vision

J. LaBron Anderson founded the 501(c)3 non-profit Beyond Kings Community Development Corporation Inc. in 2019 with a vision to House, Educate, and Monetize the talents of children in oppressed communities.  With a passion for Tech he has partnered with over 10,000 certified software development teachers in efforts to provide virtual coding classes. Beyond Kings CDC partnership with BYJU'S Future School, whose development program is recognized by MIT allows parents to take advantage of this awesome skill development group at a 50% discount at only $17 per class. Also, the organization is providing scholarships for students with a strong desire to learn technology whose families meet its financial criteria. The organization's goal is to assist 1,000,000 underprivileged and at-risk youth learn to program in efforts to change the financial paradigm of these oppressed communities. 

J would like to thank you for your support and remind you that "We are our Community" God Bless!

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Time is running out!

With a lack of resources, statics predict genocide for the Black and Latino community.



To H.E.M, House, Educate, and Monitize the talents of at-risk and underprivileged youth within oppressed communities.

This program is designed to nurture the spirit, educate the mind, promote the development of the whole child, and educate all children by stimulating the intellectual curiosity of each child from 7 to age 16. The program is designed to address the concern of generational poverty in all communities but predominantly in severely financially deprived households due to lack of education and developmental resources.  With the decrease of extended families, the increase in the rate of families moving, and more families experiencing stress, drug abuse, and crimes; we have a concern that children in these families will experience high rates of delinquent behavior, halted education, and depression. Primary prevention and early intervention can help children increase coping skills and emulate healthy behavioral patterns instead of negative ones.

This program endeavors to lower the incidence of emotional disorders, depression, and poverty. Offering a balanced development program that stimulates each child’s intellectual curiosity and the desire for lifelong learning. It also encourages self-esteem and confidence by recognizing the unique potential and worth of each child by reducing stress and promoting conditions that increase confidence and coping skills. Finally, this program will provide developmentally appropriate programs that will stimulate each child’s intellectual curiosity and their desire for lifelong learning by providing various avenues of growth and development stimulation for at-risk youth, in a faith-based environment.